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2024 Programme 

We continue to meet at St Aidan's Hall in Church Street Berwick on the second and fourth Mondays of the month from
1.00pm to 3.30pm.

We have a break for tea and coffee and a chance to view each others work at the end. 
We recognise that some members may wish to continue to wear masks for the sessions.

Outdoor 'en plein air' sessions will hopefully, take place on the third Monday of the month in the summer.


Spring - Summer 2024 Sessions: themes and artists.

Artist sessions require a £5 supplement and occasionally a payment is requested for artist materials, if supplied.

8th Jan.                  Denise Tindale,  'Blue' - iconic paintings and ideas.

22nd Jan.          Imagination or YOW

12th Feb.           Dan Cimmermann, Portraits in oil. Working in the 'all prima' style (wet on wet) members will create a                                                                                                  portrait from their own images or from art history . All materials supplied. 

26th Feb.           Early Spring in Nature or Berwick Bridge 400 prep or YOW

11th March.       Lino printing: Emma Jones of Wee Blue Press - materials supplied, tool sets may have to be shared.

25th March.      A Blustery Day or YOW


8th April.                Helga Chart RSW, RWS Watercolour/Mixed media

22nd April.             Still life: Pottery/glass reflections

13th May.                 Rachel Sutherland: Botanical painting. Houseplants and tulip bunches suppled.

27th May                  Abstraction and surrealism

10th June                Tina Holley: Watercolour, forest and crofts.

24th June               Final preparations for our exhibition from 27th July to 30th July St Aidans Hall.

Artists in the autumn: Stuart Norman, Christine Cave (Cancelled), Brian Turnbull

Recent session themes and guest artists.

13th Sep 21  - something autumnal 

27th Sep -   AGM

Spring 2023 Sessions

9th Jan.   Denise Tindale, Local landscape, botanical and nature inspired artist is our tutor today. 

                                            Layered colour and drawings

23rd Jan, Denise Tindale, Layered paint and collage

13th Feb, Theme: Genre painting, everyday life as in markets, fairs, indoors, street scenes.

27th Feb, Darren Woodhead, Pure Field Painter - painting workshop - narrative and movement.

13th March, Theme or your own work - finishing pictures from before.

27th March, Brian Turnbull, Demonstration

Summer 2023 sessions

12th April, Bank Holiday

24th April, Theme - Layers and Lines or Dawn.  Riding the Bounds ready for next Sat!!

8th May,  Coronation Bank Holiday

22nd May, Aine Divine - Demonstration of still life flowers and then tuition. Bring your own arrangement.

29th May, En Plein Air meet up - Berwick Coronation Park. Enter the park from the bottom at the river walk or from the top gate at the start of Castle Terrace road over the railway bridge. Park at the station or Castlegate. Bring seating and your art materials. River views from the top and castle wall and ramparts at the side and river edge. Newcomers are welcome.

12th June, Theme

19th June, En Plein Air meet up - Spittal beach

26th June, Anthea Wood - Collograph printing

10th July, En Plein Air: Meet at Coxons Tower Berwick Walls 1.30pm. Denise Tindale tutors sketching.


Autumn 2023 Sessions

11th September  Theme: Summer Colour or 'Your Own Work'

25th September  Jane Braithwaite: illustrator - wildlife/oil and wax pencil

9th October         AGM and the iconic Sycamore Gap or autumn theme or YOW

23rd October.      Christine Cave: - Sea and Landscape in pastels: Big Skies

13th November   Theme or YOW


27th November   Helen McKnockiter illustrator/artist - tea, coffee, redwing painting

11th December   Christmas Party

11th Oct 21    - Today's theme is "CHANGE". Please feel free to interpret however you wish !

25th Oct 21 - Theme for the day is "Atmosphere: Rain / Mist / Shadow".   Any medium.

8th Nov 21 - Local artist (& excellent framer!) BRIAN TURNBULL is coming to do a session with us: details idc

22nd Nov 21 - The theme for this session is "Boats and the sea".   Any medium

13th Dec 21 - The theme is "Faces & self-portrait".     Pen & Pencil     Pls remember to bring festive snack if you wish

10th Jan 22 - "Winter Sun" is today's theme


24th Jan  22      "Design a Flyer": we'd like to advertise the group by leaving flyers in local galleries, notice-boards, shops etc. And so today's theme is to design one which will promote BAG and - hopefully - attract new members ! 

14th Feb 22     "Harbour" is today's theme


28th Feb      We welcome Madeleine Ferrar for our 1st 'tutored' session of 2022. She'll be showing us some of the many kinds of prints, and leading some print-making activity.

14th Mar 22: The theme for this session is ‘Still Life’ and a collection of jugs/pot/flowers will be set up. Or members can bring their own items, or indeed work on their own project.

28th Mar     "Paper Art / Display books" with  Lucy Baxandall (from Tidekettle Paper, on Bridge St)Lucy invites attendees to bring some equipment - scissors, Stanley knife, ruler and if possible a cutting pad or surface to help make up your display booklets. There will be some equipment available if needed. She will supply the paper and a donation of £3 is suggested for this, depending on amount used. Session will start at 1pm. Feel free to bring coffee and a snack if you haven’t time for lunch beforehand. 

11th Apr 22         "Mixed Media"  - any subject, any style ........       


25th Apr     "Observation / Perspective" with Simon Harwood

9th May 22   Wild life painter / demonstration with Paul Henery              

23rd May  Theme/own work. Castles.

13th Jun 22  Still life / tutored by Fine Artist Amy Izat

27th Jun, Visit the exhibition of Water and Light at Norham arts and take ideas for our theme of

                'Watery Views'.  

12th Sept, Our autumn session starts with a choice of two themes inspired by the sculpture of Barbara

                 Hepworth (Edin. Nat. Gallery Modern 2).

                 'Mother and child', she makes abstract realisations in stone, but today in your own medium! 

                 'Openings' - creating piercings brings space and light through the mass.

26th Sept, Deborah Campbell,  Mixed Media artist who hikes to remote areas and sketches landscapes to

                 develop back in the studio into finished watercolour paintings and constructed textile studies.

10th Oct, Restricted colour. Monotone, two tone, three primaries or add shade and variants on a single hue.

24th Oct, Autumnal colour and Christmas paintings - art stall 11th December, Berwick Christmas Market.

14th Nov, Tina Holley, Award winning artist will explore her ability to capture mood in landscapes

                using meticulous brushwork in the medium of watercolour.

28th Nov, Botanical drawing or paintings (Granary exhibition re: Margaret Rebecca Dickinson, 1821, Norham)

                Or preparation for submitting A4 paintings for Guildhall stall, Berwick Christmas Market 11th Dec.

12th Dec, Darren Woodhead (cancelled due to BBC commitment). See Feb 27th '23.

                 Pure field painter will take us into his world of extraordinary bird and wildlife where he works direct in                  brush and watercolour.

                 Followed by festive snacks and drinks. 





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