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En Plein Air 3

The Brilliant Denise Tinsdale tutored our outdoor session at the Town Walls and in Lion's Allotments Monday 10th July.

The weather was balmy, but rain was threatened. We lasted a few hours despite the limited sunshine!

Our thanks to the allotment committee and the trustees for their co-operation in allowing us time to paint and draw for an afternoon in these wonderful gardens.

2023 Summer Session 2

Spittal Beach, June 19th 

IMG_20230619_141002_Original 2.JPG

Very hot and sandy, but a productive afternoon.

2023 Summer Session 1

Coronation Park, Berwick.

IMG_20230529_153729_Original 2.JPG
IMG_20230529_133224_Original 2.JPG

Plenty of views and a very warm start to our summer outdoor sessions.

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